You Are The Perfect Guy...

by Kailynn Makenna

To: Derick

I just cant find the way
To express my love for you
You are just amazing
In everything you do

The time I spend with you
Is the best Ive ever had
And you always know how to help me
When its me whos feeling sad

I dont know how to say this
But ill do my best and try
And I just want you to know
That you sir, are the perfect guy

You make me feel so special
You make me feel so right
And if I had it my way
I would always hold you tight

I hope that I dont lose you
I pray to god each day
Because as long as you are here
I can push my pain away

I love you oh so much
And that I know is true
Because no matter what I do
I cant keep my eyes off you

I hope we are together
For time and time to come
Cause I need you in my life
To change who Ive become...


Submission date : 2005-08-23
Last edit : 2009-06-10

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Latest comments

Divina at 2008-04-17

This poem is really sweet i know hel'll love it

aimee at 2008-04-21

That poem is so true. i love it so much, i just sent it to my boy. it put a tear in my eye

asian babe ( F C D ) at 2008-12-16

Omg! This is exactly how I feel! I LOVE my bf! (: haha..keep writing!

HURRiCANESky at 2009-09-21

Amazing :)

Jessica at 2009-11-13

I love this poem. and the feelings expressed in it.

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