Dictionary Words Don't Seem To Do.

by Not Bulletproof

I always try to find the perfect words to write,
To make a beautiful poem made just for you.
Sometimes I hope my heart will do a good job,
But it never comes out right; the words will never do.

I'm often looking for new words; new phrases,
Hoping that it'll express my hearts loving phases.
I smile when I think about you, so you know,
And I hate leaving you when I have to go.

Every time I see you I can't help but smile and feel,
The way that I feel so deep inside for you.
You know, it's a warm feeling that this is so real,
Every moment is magical, through and through.

I trust these words on paper and the screen,
To say the things I wish that I could scream.
Every time I'm reminded of you, thoughts flow,
And I think of a million things you'll never know.

Things I want to say but the words aren't right,
I need special words to proclaim my heart.
I searched the dictionary so late into the night,
But nothing I found seemed to give me a good start.

I like the way you look into my eyes so deeply,
It makes me smile so much; uncontrollably.
Even though I say it, I know that it'll never do,
Too bad these feelings aren't as simple as "I love you".

Every night, and every day since I fell in love,
I've been trying to think of way so I could let you know.
My heart and mind won't collide to think of,
Something to tell you how I feel; of how I love you so.

With angel wings you float my heart up so high,
And with every kiss I feel that I may just die.
So much magic to intake; an obsession I'm sure,
I've never seen something I so badly wanted to endure.

Sarah Gammon ©


Submission date : 2005-11-02
Last edit : 2007-04-25

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Lily ( P C ) at 2005-11-09

IT's easy to say the 3 words i love you but it's hard to describe all of the other feelings liying just below the surface, it is very difficult to explain to someone how you feel. I love it! Great Poem

Memphisangel at 2005-11-09

It flows...very sentimental..i love it..kudos

emilyy at 2007-09-25

Absolutely amazing...wow. :D

clare demecillo at 2012-06-16

Nice way to express the love

clare demecillo at 2012-06-16

Nice way to express the love

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