If You Are Reading This

by TinyDancer46

If you are reading this
I want you to know
That even after all this time
I haven't let you go

I still think of you
When I'm all alone
I still hope you'll call me
As I stare at the phone...

If you are reading this
Maybe then you'll see
That even after all this time
You're everything to me

And I'm trying so hard
To not become sad
When I start to think about
What we could have had...

If you are reading this
Maybe you'll understand
How much it hurts me
To see you hold her hand

But you won't know I'm sad
You won't know I want to die
Because I'm still smiling
Even when I want to cry

And if you are reading this
I hope you will see...
That I'm still in love with you
And it's slowly killing me


Submission date : 2005-11-06
Last edit : 2005-11-06

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alexa at 2005-11-12

You know i love this boy and his name is luis and well we go to the same school and we talk on and off and we play around sometimes u know intimetly but one day i saw him holding somegurls hand,even though it killed me inside that day i still luv him becuz i dont know how to stop so this poem is very similar to how i feel and what i'm going through

Jayma100%lovehurts at 2005-11-29

Great poem i loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

.::PuNk PrInCeSS::. ( F P C ) at 2006-01-22

I really love this poem i can totally relate to it....

Jenny ( F ) at 2006-07-28

A very nice poem! cute and touching all at the same time! You're a very talented writer!

Julie at 2012-02-26

I like your poems, they are pretty simple but touch my heart so much....I liked this one especially

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