Blinded By A Player's Smile

by TinyDancer46

I was blinded by his smile
I was thrown off by his words
The pretty lies he said to me
Were the cutest lies I'd heard

His eyes could see right through me
His touch could make me weak
The way he sometimes looked at me
Would sweep me off my feet

I was blinded by his smile
And I guess I couldn't see
What my friends knew all along....
He was only playing me

But I just went along with it
For I thought he was the one
I didn't know it was a game
That only he had won....

Then one day I realized
That a lie was all we were
The tears rolled down my cheeks
When I saw him holding her

Now I feel like such a fool
For believing for a while
So why am I still longing for
That player's stupid smile...



Submission date : 2005-12-13
Last edit : 2005-12-13

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nO1cOmPaReS2yOu ( F ) at 2006-02-11

I totally get this poem, just this month I went through the same expirence with a breakup. What made it even worse was that I'd been waiting for this guy for 2 years, & he ruined something that could have been beautiful. Keep up the good writing. You have an incredible talent.

◊ Atomic ◊ ( F C D ) at 2006-02-23

I don't like poetry that uses street lingo. In this case it was "player." it just ruin the whole perfect poem, however, I must agree with you that that word in particular was best used in this really does support the two lines:

"I didn't know it was a game
That only he had won...."

( )_( )
(")-(") Arrivederci!

Samantha klukas at 2006-03-15

I really liked this poem i read it and cried it reminds me of the relationship i just got out of i trusted him in tellin him what happend between me and my uncle and he threw it in my face he was playing me at that and my best friend told me he was cheating and she kept insisting on it but than soon to relize he was cheating on me alright he was cheating on me with my best freiend who smiled when i talked and cried when i cried about him....nice poem keep righting

JustLikeYouX ( F C ) at 2007-10-22

Really heartfelt.

Tiana at 2008-10-18

Wow. i'm like about t cry.
i know exactly how you felt. i know you wrote this forever ago but it's never too late to tell someone how much you love something.
i love this; it's amazing.
it's like you know exactly what i'm feeling right now at this very moment. you have a gift.

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