Thinking of you

by Lisa marie

I thought of you today
But thats nothing new
I thought about you yesterday
and the day before that too
for every day good or bad you'll always be in my head
I hope you've understood everything iv said
This isn't just a joke or a silly lie
Id never do anything to make you wanna cry
I'm sorry if i do something to make you really mad
It only comes back and makes me really sad
I really do love you and everything you are
I hope this relationship gets really far
Ill never get you out i simply don't know how
In fact I'm thinking of you right about now
Your everything i need and everything to me
You know exactly who you are and what you want to be
You always make me smile just by being there
I hope you know how much i really do care
Every time i think of you my stomach seems to twist
This is why i love you, Ive made a huge list
The list goes on forever and never will it end
Neither will our relationship you'll aways be my friend
not just a simple friend but a special friend at that
I want to spend my whole life with you, i really do Matt
I honestly love you
I hope you love me too
This isn't just a stupid game
I really hope you feel the same
Because today tomorrow my whole life through
I will never stop loving you


Submission date : 2004-01-25
Last edit : 2007-04-12

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Latest comments

Giselle at 2004-02-20

It makes me feel the same way about my boyfriend so i givee ya a 5!!

~lisa marie~ at 2005-01-08

hey i have read a lot of your poems and i keep coming back because they are great.. nicely done on this one.. *5*

Alex at 2005-02-02

great poem, i think quite a lot of people can relate to it.

p,s thanks for comenting on my poems.

Paulette ( F P C D ) at 2005-05-10

AWW that was so sweet i wish u the best ofluck with him!!

Tinique at 2007-10-15

This poem is beautiful!!! It makes me think of my loved one. I hope to read more.

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