Love you forever

by Absolute Broken Perfection

You ask me how long I'll love you.

Forever isn't good enough,
eternity seems like just a night.
I say I'll love you always,
you say thats not quite right.

How about this.
I will stop loving you :

When roses turn blue,
and violets turn red.

When clouds begin falling,
when you leave my head.

When I stop missing you,
when I run out of tears to cry.
I will love you always,
until the day I die.


Submission date : 2006-04-11
Last edit : 2009-01-19

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My Paper Heart ( F P ) at 2008-07-28

This one is so wonderful! 6/5 it was awesome!!!

Brittany at 2008-07-29

What beautiful words...

My Paper Heart ( F P ) at 2008-07-30

One word to describe this........BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Emily at 2008-08-04

Oh, thats so cute!

Irene at 2008-08-13

This is a very nice piece.
Good job!!

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