Now That You're Gone

by Serena

Now that you're gone,
It's too dark at night.
It's constantly cold.
And nothing seems right.

Now that you're gone
It hurts to be alone.
I can't stand it here without you
Afraid and on my own.

Now that you're gone
My world means naught,
I'm sorry for what I said,
And all the times we fought.

Now that you're gone,
I can't seem to find my smile.
I didn't think I'd lose it yet,
At least not for a while

Now that you're gone,
I can't help but yearn
For the love that we had
And the day that you'll return

Now that you're gone
And have left me behind
I'm loosing my focus
And have already lost my mind.

Now that you're gone
Nothing else will matter
Each day I'm without you
My heart won't cease to shatter

Now that you're gone
All it does is rain,
The heavens seems to weep,
As if they feel my pain.

Now that you're gone
I just want to cry,
Because I curse that night you left,
When we had to say good-bye.

Now that you're gone
I only want one wish,
For you to come back
And give me just one kiss


Submission date : 2004-02-05
Last edit : 2008-02-05

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Latest comments

Fyri at 2008-04-08

Wow. love it. it is so good. lots of credit.

Patricia at 2008-09-10

Wow this reminded me of when my used to be boyfriend had to leave to mexico to be wit his family..we had been togeher for three years and i told him i would wait not knowing that it would be very hard. Today we are no longer together, it just couldnt work out like that. WHOO! do i miss him like crazy, and i how i wish hed come back..