When I Found You

by Gem

When I found you
I found myself
I found a guy
Like no one else

When I found you
I found my heart
I found it struck
By Cupid's dart

When I found you
I found pure bliss
I found heaven
Deep in your in kiss

When I found you
I found my soul
I found your love
That made me whole

When I found you
I found my dreams
I found out what
Love really means

When I found you
I found a lot
I found true love
With the name 'Stott' ©


(I'm going to be Mrs. Stott in 2009 =)


Submission date : 2006-12-24
Last edit : 2007-04-12

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Latest comments

Diana J. Armenta at 2006-12-31

Loving this poem...its nice

southernღcharm ( F P C D ) at 2006-12-31

Awwww. That's such a cute and sweet poem! I loved this one so much!
Keep up the awesome work!
God Bless 5/5


Angela at 2007-01-01

I am in luv with dis poem. I just luv it.

BROKEN-LOVE♥ ( F P C D ) at 2007-01-01

I love this! Another excellent poem!
It is very sweet, and truely expresses your love!

nettie at 2008-01-08

Aw....I really like this poem...I wish I could find my soul mate...I dink I did but he's not there yet...like this guy is that guy for me.he makes me feel like you know loved...the only thing I have to do is ask him..because all I'm hearing from him n other is he wants me to ask him out...but...good luck.....n come check out some of my poems..there not as good as your..but at least I tired..

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