Just you...and me

by Kaila

I can't get you out of my head
Your everywhere to me
I hear your voice and your not there
But your everything I want to see

When I see you
I blush a crimson red
And when you speak
Everything flutters through my head

And now were together
Out there for the world to see
And we'll be here forever
Just you...and me

Every thing's going great
Just the two of us
Your always so happy
That I never have to fuss

The beginning of this love
Is so great and so true
When I'm done seeing you
I'm never feeling blue

Here we are again
Happy as can be
Sitting her hand in hand
Just you... and me

Now were having problems
It's your jealousy again
I'm hoping, wishing, praying
This love of ours wont end

Sure enough it did today
I've never felt so alone
I sat up all night waiting
For you to say sorry on the phone

You never called that night
Not even later on to come
I shoud've saw this coming
why'd I have to be so dumb

I miss the way
You showed me
The world out there to see
Just you...and me

I miss the way we cuddled
on the couch all night long
And when I was getting tired
You'd whisper my favorite song

It's been awhile since the heartache
The crying and the pain
You said hello to me today
Oh my gosh are you going insane

We haven't spoken for five whole months
not that I could see
Now were here talking
Just you...and me

Do you love me again?
I'm so afraid to ask
It might seem so simple
But for me it's a hard task

It's been awhile
we're talking more again
It's the first time in awhile
That I've called you my best friend

I told you I loved you yesterday
Now I'm waiting to see
If you love me too so it can be
Just you...and me


Submission date : 2007-03-04

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Italian Stallion ( F P C D ) at 2007-05-08

Wonderful write with so much emotion. There are a lot of minor mistakes, I encourage you to re-read your writings for most of them have small errors within. Other than that, this was an amazing write with such heartfelt wording. Great Job.

These lines, "Your everywhere to me" and "But your everything I want to see" and "Your always so happy" you used the wrong "your" it should be "you're"

This line, "I hear your voice and your not there" should be, "I hear your voice and you're not there"

These lines, "And now were together" and "Now were having problems" and "Now were here talking" you used the wrong "were" it should be "we're" for were is a place, and we're means we are.

In this line, "Every thing's going great" the words "Every thing's" should be combined to make one word "Everything's"

This line, "Is so great and so true" I felt would rhyme better if you changed it to this, "Is so great and true"

This line, "Sitting her hand in hand" I don't think you meant "her" I believe you meant to use the word "here"

This line, "This love of ours wont end" you need an apostraphy on the "wont" so it reads "won't"

This line, "But for me it's a hard task" I believe you meant, "But for me it's a hard to ask"

Peace, Joe

Lisa ( C ) at 2007-09-23

This was very good. I really enjoyed it. At some parts it didnt flow together perfectly but still in all it was great. 5/5

unspokken ( C ) at 2008-05-10

I think that this poem was awesome. And I loved ittt!* It had a good rythum and flow, and everytihgn went together at the time, every little word was in the right place. 10/10

cZaRiNa ( F P C ) at 2008-10-12

That was very well written!!!!...
beautiful Poem...

Ian ( F C ) at 2010-04-25

I love this poem a lot. there are many great writings on this website, i dont know any as good as yours. you have a great talent that i wish i had.
thank you for sharing this poem. i loved it

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