You're My Only Mistake

by IdTakeABulletForYou

You Promised Forever;
You gave me one week.
You let me hold on as you let go of me.
You told me you loved me,
I said it, as Well.
You knew that I screamed,
but you Watched as I Fell.

You held me so closely,
-- said you'd keep me Safe.
Kissed me so softly
as you slipped away.
Looked in my eyes;
said that you'd "Never Go."
You'd hold on forever...
-- How was I to know?

I thought that you loved me,
when you kissed my lips.
Thought surely, you cared
saying, "Nothing beats this."
You took off my shirt;
and I hoped that we'd stand...
And the trust that I gave you
was more than my hand.

What you did [was not love]
(was for pleasure and fun]
What you did [for yourself]
(Will haunt me all my life.)

And I looked at your ghost,
looking back at the mirror...
--The movement in question
came Oh! So much clearer.
You walk far away
as tears roll down my face.
And I never will trust
-- it's my final mistake.

~{You're My Only Mistake}~


Submission date : 2007-06-17

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Latest comments

Sunshine Tina ( F P C ) at 2007-08-19

Wow! great poem!
I really like it!
great job!

Imma Flirt ( F ) at 2007-09-03

Wow great poem.... this is basically my life story i no longer let people get close to me ive been hurt to much by them walking away. You did a great job 5/5

Sweetly Numb ( F P C D ) at 2007-10-07

theres jus no words to describe tht.
except the one thing thats obvious......
you have real talent.

stupid girl ( F P C D ) at 2008-03-14

I am loving your poems!
the are so great!

Chloe DeWitt at 2012-06-12

Amazing poem. i can relate. i gave more than my hand to the one i loved, and he threw it away..literally, i've never felt so broken. he made me want to forget the world, like i died when he left. i know i shouldn't hold on to him, but he's what keeps me alive...this poem was like reading a book about my own situation...great poem, your an amazing authour, please read and/or comment on mine..Thanks:) 5/5

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