Just Close Your Eyes

by Mousie

Don't cry now baby
Don't miss me so,
I'm always here
You'll always know.

When all is lost
And comfort sought,
Close your eyes
Rest your thoughts.

I'm waiting for you
In your dreams,
I'll kiss you sweet
It's me you'll see.

I'll touch you warmly
Eyes will swoon,
Embrace so tender
By light of moon.

Just close your eyes
And go to sleep,
Wherever you are
I'll always be.

i always tell ross when he's either at home or gone somewhere and he misses me a lot to just close his eyes and go to sleep, and i'll be right there in his thoughts and dreams. this was the poem i based off of that.


Submission date : 2007-06-30

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cj at 2007-07-07

That was such a sweet poem i loved it!!

Sailor ( F P C ) at 2007-08-21

Nice poem.

Elizabeth at 2007-11-04

Wow this is a good poem u can feel the feelings that id imagine u'd felt while writting it keep it up

Polaroid ( F P C D ) at 2007-11-14

Great job, i really like the feeling that you put into this poem
keep it up

soloangel ( P C ) at 2007-11-18

Hey girlie its me i havent talked to you in 4 ever its good to know that you and ross are still together i havent talked to you in so long yea im sittin her rite now at marks so i guess ill ttyl the way i really lyk your poem wb when you can love yas

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