How Do I Tell You?

by SpEcIaLmE

I love you
But don't know how
To tell you

I want to be with you
Hold you
Kiss you
And never let you go

You make me feel special
You make me feel wanted
You make me want to keep living
You understand me

I trust you with my life
I trust you with my heart
I trust that you will never hurt me

I want to know if you feel the same
I want to know if you care
I want to know if we can ever be

I want to tell you
That i love you
But i don't know how

Every time i hear you voice
Every time i see your smile
Every time i talk to you
I fall deeper and deeper into love

You showed me that there was hope
And told me not to let go
You helped me think of the good things in life
And cause of you, I'm still here today

I want to tell you
That i love you
But i don't know how

If you feel the same
Will we be
If not will we even
Still be friends

I'm confused and don't know
What to do
All i know is the love
I have for you, is real

I love you
I want to tell you
I just don't know how

Please comment or rate cause this is my first love poem I've ever written cause i only write sad poems thanks


Submission date : 2007-10-09
Last edit : 2007-10-09

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Latest comments

Jason Meres ( F C D ) at 2007-12-26

I'd say that's a pretty good start to telling someone how you feel. Not a bag middle or ending either. But i'm sure you've figured this problem out long ago without any help from me. *smiles*

Alissa ( F P C D ) at 2007-12-30

This was good, but I know you can do better. I felt it was a little bit of a cliche. Don't get me wrong, those are awesome to write about but it would be so much more interesting if you expanded on your vocab. Make me wonder what you mean yet give me a certain image. You just stated everything in this, Poetry should have depth. You can do that, you had it in your other poems. Just try to write from the heart, not your head. :)
You are amazing though, don't stop writing.

G ( F P C D ) at 2008-02-04

Very very beautiful!

Sumit Ojha ( F C D ) at 2008-03-07

Excellent poem... I like it...
Well, I don't know too much about writing poems... But, I think that is a wonderful poem...
You are really nice poem... Keep up this good work :)

xBxRxOxKxExNx ( F C ) at 2008-03-21

It's really good! it totally moved me..! if only i could say the same about the boy i'm in love with... X

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