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Someone Like You

by Taylor Lyn

Forever Mine, I'm not quite sure
Past conversations are just a blur
you know that feeling of weak at the knees
like you could be that one for me.
Forever it seems that I have searched
to find someone just like you.
Someone to share my hopes and dreams with,
Someone to brighten my days.
Someone to wipe the tears from my eyes
if I was sad,
Someone to hold my hand.
Someone who'd be there to hold me tight,
Someone who understands.
This newfound feeling inside me,
it's almost more that I can take.
A feeling I have never felt before...
A feeling I'd like to get to know more.
Baby, I just want you to know...
I think you are that someone
that I've been searching for..
who could make my life complete.
I think you are that someone
who would love me endlessly
and would show me what life really means.
And I hope I can be with you
day after day.
Because I'm falling for you more
than my words could ever say.