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Sometimes I Wonder

by Taylor Lyn

If I could tell you
all my secrets
I'd have a million to tell.
And if I could show you
all my dreams
only one I would regret.
Sometimes I wonder
where all my dreams go
when my fear gets in my way.
And when I'd try to tell you
all my secrets
I could never find the words.
Sometimes I feel I tried too hard.
Or maybe I didn't try at all.
If I could feel you
next to me
I'd paint a picture to make it last.
And if I could ask you
just one question
I'd ask if you still think about me.
Sometimes I wonder
if you ever knew
that I could see right through you.
And when you'd try to lie to me
about how you feel
you never were sincere.
What's the point in ever trying?
I tried so hard to reach you.
If I could stop
the world from spinning
I'd make it a sunny day.
And if I could turn back
the hands of time
things may have been different today.
Sometimes I wonder
if it's your fear
that always gets in your way.
And when you lay there
next to me
did you ever feel the same way?
As we sat there under the stars that night
everything was perfect, everything was right
I always wonder
what it would feel like
to share just one kiss with you.
And if we didn't let our fear
get in the way
Maybe I wouldn't be writing these words.
Things may have turned out a different way.