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My Own Valentine's Day

by AhmadAfaneh

The night comes again, I am still standing here
Near my chest, I grab my Knees
Staring at those walls again
On my cheeks, cooling my tears, I feel the breeze

In those tears, I choke
Glancing down, Starting to think
Of all the good times we used to live
And into the corner, more and more, I shrink

My heart aches, Starts to scream
By every thought I think, Of you and me
Thoughts of love, I miss so much
Thoughts of love, That made me be

Since the day I heard your voice
Like an angel, You were sent to me
Holding my hands, coloring my world
An Angel, To set me free

With your smile you lightened my life
With your brown eyes you made me see
You made me feel
How beautiful the word can be

Now all that's left for me
Are pictures to view, Are notes to read
Are sleepless nights and blind dreams
And calling you through silence till my throat bleeds

I used to be yours, I used to call you mine
But here I go again, Chasing you inside my head
Counting seconds, feeling numb and waiting, Endlessly
'Cause without you with me, I'd rather be dead

So here I stand, waiting for you
To take my hand for once and for good
To wrap me in your arms
And do whatever we would

Waiting for you, To wipe those tears
I shed for long
Waiting for you, To take me away
To where I belong

Waiting for that day, when you'll bring me back to life
When you'll make me mean it when I say, I am okay
When you'll heal those wounds your absence made
That day my charm will be, my own Valentine's Day