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In Love with Another

by Vanessa

What is it that I have done?
To deserve all of this
I feel like I want to run

I thought I was the only one
And you were my only man
But foolish of me to even think
You were gone with just a blink

I met the other girl of his life
I felt so much pain
I almost went insane

If only I was your only pearl
But there was another girl
Can't you see?
Your love won't let me be

I want to hate you
Would you hate me too?
You said you chose me
But the other girl wouldn't let me free

I want to cry
And ask why
To know I'm not the only one
Makes me want to run
Run away from everyone
And hide alone away from the sun

I love you my man
But would you choose me?
I don't think you can

I have to say goodbye
Before I go and cry
So this poem would be my goodbye
Baby please don't cry

Can't you see?
Our love was never meant to be....