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All in my head

by noha

Is it all in my head or I'm now dead?
i see your face every where,
i feel your hands on me,
everything is dark!!
i can't see ,
i can't hear,
i feel lost ,
like a ghost.
everything is wrong!!
is it raining again or its my tears of pain,
i know you left me but I'm not agree,
i need you just hold me.
why you left me!!
i hold your hands all of this years,
i moved away your tears,
i loved you ,
i know how much you cares.
what I'm waiting for!!
i forgive you for all this pain,
i just ask you not to do it again,
i can't get you out from my heart ,
my soul,
and my brain .
why i can't weak up!!
i try to convenes my self that you are gone,
but you still here with me.ohhh meeeeee.......
i weak up on a scream,
i weak up from this dream.
where are you i call your name!!
it was all in my head,
you comfort me,
holding me,
i hear your voice,
i see your face.
where I'm now what is this place???

its a story in my head
i sleep at night it was raining day
i keep wondering if he left me or not
but he is not
i love you so much amr