Read Love Poems


by Lexi Lou

Love me
wipe away my tears
accept me for who i am
don't laugh at my fears
hold me
when the nights grows dim
don't try to advance on me
because you will not win
believe me
in everything i say
don't doubt a single word
or challenge what i say
know me
for the person you don't know
help me get to know that girl
and use it to help me grow
kiss me
when i seem lifeless
all it might take to wake me up
is just a single kiss
tell me
what i mean to you
tell me everything
your past, your lies, whats true
want me
just as i want to be
don't settle for anything
anything less then me
need me
and let me know
don't be afraid
to let is show
live me
in everything you do
prove that i actually mean
something big to you
help me
when i seem lost
help me up
without a cost
guide me
when my pathways clouded
show me the way
the way i once doubted
ask me
instead of asking my friends
you'll get the truth from me
and my friends...well it depends
hear me
and listen to what i say
don't try to bend my words
or change them another way
love me
in everything i do
and even when i am mad
know that i love you!

Lexi Lou