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I still love you

by Jenn

I'm not going to lie
my heart was torn in two
After what you did to me
you'd think I would despise you

When I found out the truth
When I found out you lied to me
I cried a thousand tears
tears I wish you could see

I cant figure it out
why you kissed her then denied
Why would you ever cheat on me
and tell me all these lies

I gave you everything
my heart, body, and soul
you told me how much you cared for me
i thought love was taking toll

Now you are so lost
and you don't know what to do
and still my heart is telling me
that I want to be with you

This is so hard for me
How do I explain what I'm feeling
I guess all I can say is I still love you
and with all the confusion, I'm dealing

One thing that I'm not doing
is begging you to to stay
Do what your heart tells you
thats all I'm trying to say

I'm gonna smile
Cause I want to make you happy
laugh, so you cant see me cry
If leaving me is what you want
it will be hard to say goodbye