Read Love Poems


by noha

I missed you, when you are not around
i just cry , i wonder why?
then i just realized,
my tears just come out searching for you.
you are in my eyes,
i know how you scared of darkness,
thats why i keep it open .
with you i find my way ,
i find my happiness.
if time is an ocean,
then i would spend every drop for you.
if time is a drop,
then i will spend every ocean on you.
when I'm angry ,
you know what to do,
you just smile and my anger lose the battle against it.
i want to spend a whole day with you.
i wish if my life is one day long.
if we can only talk during night,
i wont bother my life being dark.
how can i say?
you are angel without halo and wings,
or an angel is you with a halo and wings.