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Green eyes

by noha

Deep green eyes,
my full moon eyes.
deep look in to your eyes,
makes me melt like ice.
deep green color,
like beautiful flower.
deep feeling of fear ,
it looks so clear.
every word you cant say,
your eyes can convey.
love is not blind,
love is just a child.
love is a bird in need to fly.
love is an eye in need to cry.
love is a heart in need to beat.
love is a song in need to hear.
love is a lock and only one who got the key.
deep blue ocean inside me,
you are the only one who got my key.
you take my heart as it should to be.
when you open it,
deep magic spread on the air,
i see it everywhere.
makes me forget who I'm and where I'm,
takes me with you far away.
we can hide.
leave every thing behind.
its your deep green eyes.
my full moon eyes.
your eyes never lies.
i love your eyes,
i love the way you look at me.
you are my world,
you are my dream.
you are my sun,
you are my guide star.
you are my full moon eyes.
i love you and forever i will do.
this is from (deep blue ocean) to (full moon eyes)
from (noha) to (amr).