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Only A Feeling

by Dennis

Soft breath on my face yours only in sleep
Warm hugs from your arms bring comfort to keep
The softness of your skin...the dampness in your eyes
Bring unspoken words to me...they tell me no lies

Your hand that holds mine...ever gripping but free
Each hug of your fingers a squeeze just for me
Your lips that are smiling that shows in your eyes
These things that I need to make my sun rise

Tell me you love me just once every day
Ever warming my heart in your unspoken way
Kiss me while I'm sleeping...I'll know that you do
Quiet ways that you love me that carry me through

I'll tell you I love you in my own special way
Returning your hugs...holding hands as we play
A kiss for you only...feel the love in my touch
I'll show you my feelings...but never too much

The tear down your cheek when we say our goodbyes
From the lump in my throat and the sting in my eyes
When days feel like seconds...and a second a day
So it's only a feeling...but it's like's way