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I remember

by Renee Murdock

I remember when we used to talk on the phone
In those days i never felt alone.
I want you to love me like you did before
i want you to mend the heart that you tore.
I want it to be like it used to be
why is that so hard for you to see?
I remember when we used to kiss
and how your the only one i miss.
Why does this have to happen to me?
I only wanted you to love me for eternity.
I remember when we used to fight
and that would keep me up all night.
I remember when you used to hold me tight
and i would hug you back with all my might
I cant believe this is happening to us
I don't know if I'm gonna be able to adjust
i remember when we used to lay on my bed
i remember every single word you said
now i don't know what I'm gonna do
all i know is I'm still in love with you