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Taking Turns [Breaking Hearts]

by Beautiful Forever

It hurts, when I'm broken on the floor,
But this has happened many times before,
You leave, always walking out that door,
Breaking me, I just can't take this anymore,

I could scream and you wouldn't move,
As if there's a point you're trying to prove,
But I know you're burying it deep,
As far as it takes for it not to seep,

I watch as a spectator at a game,
Whooping and hollering, cheering your name,
You think you're way up above us all,
But what goes up, will eventually fall,

I know from the way you built me up so high,
Then tore out my foundation, letting me die,
You didn't stay long enough, I'm still alive,
And I had time to let my thoughts contrive,

Now you're set up, ready to descend,
Staring nervously, looking for a friend,
But they've been with me from the start,
All taking turns, to break your heart,

Now you can feel my bleeding soul,
Burning you, using your heart as charcoal,
While whispering the words to make you cry,
"I used to love you, but this is goodbye."