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I Do Know What Love Is...

by Sierra Rae

No one understands,
Why can't you all just let me be?
Just leave me alone to be happy.

I know I am in love
even if you don't think so;
all that matters is that I know.

You say I don't know what love is
but I experience it everyday,
in many different ways.

There is the love we have
for the friends behind you;
the ones always true.

There is the love we share
with the ones with which we shall die,
never telling lies.

There is the love we contain
for all of our families,
even though we say we hate them continually...

There is the love showing proudly
that we hold for our kids,
whom we couldn't sell to any bids.

There is the love sometimes hiding
that we hold for ourselves,
which is more valuable than any wealth.

It may not be the kind
that will forever be true
but a love IS there for him (and you)

It's not a crush, or infatuation;
I'm not shifting from one to the next,
this is not some kind of test.

This kind of love I have never known,
and it makes me forget the past,
and think this love may last.

Just let me be happy, Andrea
I don't care what you think,
Let me think what I think...