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My love, My best friend

by Poetic Ninja aka Papachopchop

How can I describe,
All of these emotions,
And put into words,
The size of my devotion,

I don't think it is possible,
But at least I shall try,
You are my one and only,
In whom I will confide,

You bring a smile to my face,
Every time I hear your voice,
You make my heart begin to race,
Even if it's not my choice.

I love you more than life,
You are special beyond compare,
I will never bring you strife,
Throughout this life that we share,

I will treat you like a queen,
I will give you love with ease,
This world may be diseased,
But you are my vaccine,

You have given me so much,
I can't describe it here,
I hunger for your touch,
I want you with me here.

With you I'll spend forever,
Until my dying days,
We will conquer life's endeavors,
Together in many ways.

When I kneel at night and pray,
May this love never end,
The main thought that I convey,
You are my love, my best friend.