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Will You

by Beautiful Forever

Will you follow me, wherever I go?,
No matter where it is, just you and me,
Even out in Rome, on the highest plateau,
Or taking a cruise, on the deep blue sea,

Will you listen, to everything I have to say?,
Even if I get nervous, and it comes out wrong,
Stuttering, having my words lose their way,
Or trying to win you over, singing a song,

Will you share, every ounce of my pain?,
Cry with me when everything is bad,
Hold me, while I'm standing in the rain,
Try your best, to never let me feel sad,

Will you promise, to love me forever?,
Unconditionally, as long as we're together,
Never allowing our love to be an endeavor,
Our hearts beating, with the weight of a feather,

Will you follow me to the after-life?,
And listen to the angels sing,
Will you help me overcome my strife?,
Become one with me, my other wing...