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Letting Go

by LiL One

Since we've been together,
its been awhile,
I have a new man,
our relationship didn't feel worthwhile.

We had too many problems,
no trust at all,
maybe thats why we argued,
over things so small.

I really didn't need the added stress,
I always felt locked down,
every time I touched another guy,
you'd say I was messing around.

I can't believed you questioned,
whether I was true,
remember when you had that girl at your house,
and you said she wasn't for you.

I gave my all,
I really did try,
when I wanted to be with you,
my love you did deny.

I need a man that knows what he wants,
that will give and receive,
make me feel special
and won't ever leave.

although I care for you more then you know,
I can't continue to put myself through this,
maybe someday we can reconnect,
right now friendship is all that exists.

You still tell me you love me,
and that I changed you in a good way
It breaks my heart,
but I know that love did not stay.

Now there is only one thing to do,
Loving you was easy,
and so was letting go.