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Left with Nothing

by David Munoz

It starts with nothing
And it ends the same
Then why can it cause
A world of pain

She was my first
The one I loved
The one God sent me
From the heavens above

She gave me hope
Of a better tomorrow
The one that cured me
Of my internal sorrow

She was my one
She was my all
Why didn't I see it
When we started to fall

The love I felt
For this precious flower
Grew ever stronger
Hour by hour

But my loves heart
That once felt so strong
Now made me feel
Like I didn't belong

We hit the bottom
But it didn't stop there
We kept going lower
Than my heart could bare

Our tiny spark
Our little fire
Got lower and lower
Until it finally expired

It left me alone
With nothing to give
Causing me to wonder
If I could live

So I closed my eyes
The memories began
Remembering us
Hand in Hand

Tears filled my eyes
And I began to cry
How could she leave me here
Just wanting to die

I had tried so hard
To stop our fall
But now she left me here
With nothing at all