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Still love

by matt

I hate being alone
But I only love you
I am so afraid
I don't know what to do

Im afraid of the pain
That could become
If I give you a chance
To give me some

I did once before
And you hurt me so much
But I cant lie
I yearn for your touch

Rubbing your hand
Soft on my skin
Small little kiss
Right on my chin

Biting my ear
Just to show me your there
Hugging for hours
Showing me that you care

I miss the things
That we once had
But I'm afraid
Of the things that you said

Its over, I don't want this
That hurt so bad
Don't do that again
I don't want to be sad

That is the reason
I want to give this another chance
Because I haven't been happy
And I've been alone since

You and I
Must feel the same
Because tattooed on my heart
Is your name.

And I will always
Feel this way for you!
Please, please say