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How Could You

by MissMeg

We broke up three days ago,
And already you have a new girl.
A complete stranger
Now gets to hold my whole world.
And I want to know...How could you?

You said you would keep me and never leave me.
You would love me for all time.
So why does she get to have,
What I used to call mine?
And i want to know...How could you?

How can you act,
Like we've never loved at all?
While I'm at home wishing you'd call.

How could you move on,
Just like that?
While I'm here hoping,
"Maybe he'll come back."

How could you forget,
All the plans we made?
While i'm still here grieving.
Over a love for you that will never fade.

I just want to know...HOW COULD YOU?