Read Love Poems


by Christina Parks

My heart is breaking,
I am so confused,
I am in love with two men,
And i don't know who to choose.

My first love,
I have been with him for many years,
and everytime I think about walking away,
I want to break down in tears.

The memories we have shared,
The joy and the pain,
No matter how much he has hurt me,
I love him still the same.

How can I say goodye,
after all of these years together
He was the one I wanted,
I thought i would love him forever.

But now everthing has changed,
I have fallen for someone new,
I know that in the end I will be hurt
no matter who I choose.

I don't understand
How I ended up like this
I don't want to leave my first,
But it is the other that I always miss

And whenever I am with him,
It feels so right,
and he is the one i dream of,
when I lie down at night.

And for the rest of my life,
I want him next to me,
and when i think about my future
He is the only one I see

But yet i am still with my first,
How can this be?
I am afraid to walk away.
What is wrong with me.