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Find Me

by Analiese

I wish to you happiness
When life seems like hell
And I'm tellin you now
She'd better treat you well

But if she doesn't
You know where I'll be
I'll be waiting for you
To just find me

I wish you courage
When life seems so scary
And, trust me, she's no good
If she aint your princess fairy

And if she isn't
You know whom to call
You can call me
Any time, place at all

I wish you strength
When life seems so weak
If she doesn't give you love
It is mine you can seek

Cause if she has none
I'll always love you
So please just find me
I'll give you strength to pull through

I wish you great love
When love seems to disappear
And she better love you back
Goods things is what I'd like to hear

But if you can't find love in her
You can find love in me
And I'll be waiting for you-
For you to just find me