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Cant Get Over You

by Emily Strickland

Why Did You Break My Heart
By Telling Me Goodbye
All You Did Was Walk Away
And Left Me Here To Cry

Even Though Its Over
I Cant Put You In The Past
I'm Not Sure Why We Ended
I Thought We Were Gunna Last

Now Things Seem Different
They Just Aren't The Same
Did I Mean Anything To You
Or Was I Just A Game

Without You Here With Me
I Feel As Though I'm Alone
With Nothing Else To Do
But Sit And Wait By My Phone

Praying That Tonight
It Is You That Will Call
Wondering In My Head
Do You Even Miss Me At All

Tell Me That You Love Me
And That You Still Do Care
That Everythings Gunna Be Alright
And Forever You'll Be There

I Know That I'm Just Dreaming
I Know That We Are Through
But As Much As I'd Like To Try
I Just Cant Get Over You