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Because of you

by Kaitlin Elizabeth

Because of you
I've found my soul.
Because of you
my world is full.

I have loved you
right from the start.
You made me complete.
You filled the space in my heart.

Because of you
I can be who I want to be.
Because of you
I'm not afraid to be me.

When I'm around you
I can spread my wings and fly.
I say "I just love him"
When people ask why.

Because of you
My fears are gone.
Because of you
All the pain is down to none.

You listen to me unlike everyone else
And you comfort me when no one is around.
You pick me up and dry all my tears
Whenever I'm crying, laying on the ground.

Because of you
I'm not afraid to smile.
Because of you
Living is worth while.

I thank you for everything you've done
To try to keep me from falling apart.
From comforting me in your arms
To loving me with all your heart.

I'm writing this poem
because of you.
I'm writing this poem
because my love for you is so true.