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My Promise To You

by Lost in Love

I promise I will be your strength
For whenever you feel weak
If you cant find words
I'll also be your voice to speak

I promise I will be your eyes
And see what you can see
I promise ill be here forever
If you will be with me

I promise I will be your hands
To touch when you cant feel
And when you want the truth
I will also tell you what's real

I promise I will be your ears
When you can not hear
All the time ill be here
To help you overcome your fears

I promise I will be your smile
So you don't have to frown
Ill always be here to cheer you up
Ill pick you up whenever your down

I promise I'll protect you
When you aren't feeling safe
And when you cant believe
I'll give you faith

I promise to listen
When you want to talk
I promise to carry you and be your legs
When you cannot walk

I promise I wont tell
Any lies just the truth
And I will always be here
For someone to run to

I promise Ill be here to hold you
Anytime and any day
I promise to never leave you
Always ill be here to stay

I promise Ill always love you
No matter how much we have to go through
I promise ill be here to catch you when you fall
This is my promise to you.