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Your beautiful words

by StandStill

You have such lovely words
tones like "beautiful" escape your lips
it would make any girl feel good
as her heart for you is ripped

And your eyes light up when you talk
saying these wonderful things
it's amazing to watch you speak
and to my lips, a smile you bring

I look you square in the eyes
and it's plain across your face
when you laugh and say "gorgeous"
my heart begins to race

But then my head catches up
and the world goes crashing down
talking about another girl
beautiful, even when she's not around

I wonder, do you see it?
how it kills me to hear you say
"God, she's so amazing"
while with my hand you play

I'll smile at you now
but when I'm all alone
I'll be crying out
but only when you go home

So keep spinning me these tails
of girls more beautiful than I
and I swear to you and God
I won't ever let you see me cry