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On the edge of heaven

by Ingrid de Klerck

Just to have you with me
I would have done almost anything
Only a blind man could have failed
to notice the state that I was in.

Every time we met,
my heart would skip a beat
Never imagined our relationship
would end in tears and defeat.

There is so much we have in common
and in my heart I felt so sure
this is the man I have waited for
You made me feel so happy and secure.

But as time went by, we did not grow
closer but drifted further apart
The more I held on to you, the more
you closed the door to your heart.

My other half is what you are to me
to know all this but still having to walk away
Is more than I can bare, because in your arms
is where I belong and where I want to stay.

On the edge of heaven
but forever on the outside looking in
I will turn away from love now,
this game at which I will never win.