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To the one i will never have

by Renee Murdock

I don't know what it is that makes me love you
but boy i cant stop thinking of you
Your in my mind night and day
oh i wish you would have stayed
We had some good times bad ones too
is that why i always think of you?
I'm writing you this poem i think you should know
the way i feel about you and your ho
Your having a baby and I'm all alone
so why do you keep calling me on the phone?
I try not to like you baby i do
but if that ever happened i wouldn't know what to do
I wish things could have worked out for the better
and now i know we can never be together
I try not to think about you all the time
but nothing else ever runs through my mind
I wonder if you ever think about me at all
as i sit staring at the wall
Every guy i like i compare to you
so no one ever seems to get through
I just want these feelings to go away
cause i know you'll never come to stay
I'll always be here if you ever need me
and if you don't my heart might stop beating
I don't know what else to say to tell you how i feel
but just know this, my feelings are real.