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Sometimes I wonder....

by Sarah Christine

Sometimes I wonder
if you ever think of me,
what my dreams are,
and what I want us to be.
Sometimes I wonder
if you actually even care,
when I want you the most,
you're never really there.
Miles that separate,
distance seems so far away,
a heart that yearns for you
that loves you more each day.
But still I wonder
if you truly love me too,
it's not what you say,
but how you act in what you do.
Sometimes I wonder
if you see me as I am,
a woman that loves you,
that wants you as her man.
Sometimes I wonder
what goes through your mind
when you search for love,
is it me you want to find?
So I'll sit back and wait,
give it some time
so I can see
Just what kind of man,
you are going to be.