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All because of you

by Sarah Christine

I was taken to this place,
that wasn't my home,
so far away
destined to be alone.
Life didn't matter
I really didn't care,
till I turned around
and saw you standing there.
Your beautiful face
innocent and sweet,
I knew right then
that it was you I had to meet.
Life became so easy
with you by my side,
no more feeling alone
no more wanting to hide.
The sky was the limit,
with you that night,
with feelings, so much emotion
nervousness and fright.
Under the stars
was our first kiss
it was then I realized,
life was truly bliss.
I knew you felt the same
as I saw it in your face.
Just couldn't move
locked in your embrace.
As the moon watched over us
holding each other so tight.
So much emotion
no more fright,
I knew then
that in this place
so foreign and new
had become my home,
all because of you.