Read Love Poems


by Sarah Christine

With out you
I couldn't see,
just what my life would really be,
if in fact
you left my side,
there are feelings for you
I just couldn't hide.
It seems so much
that you are stepping away,
your no longer happy
I can't make you that way.
We're becoming two
different people,
something I didn't want to see,
two very different people,
there's you and then there's me.
If love can keep us together
then I am wishing on it now,
there has to be a way to
through to you,
someway, somehow,
but all the fighting
I just cannot take,
and every single night
another heartache.
I love you to much
to let you go,
but the pain inside
continues to grow.
The way you are,
the things you do,
the reason why,
I hurt for you.