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Always Be There

by MissMeg

I miss you baby.
More and more each day.
Damn I wish you never would have changed.

Then we wouldn't be going through this now.
I'd still have you by my side.
Then I wouldn't have to be faking a smile,
When I really want to cry.

I didn't do this to hurt you baby,
But because I felt it was right.
I was just so tired of the pain.
And through with all the fights.

It's so hard to see me without you.
How am I going to last a day,
Without you there to see me through?

To me you were all that mattered.
Your love got me through all pain.
Now my hopes and dreams have shattered,
And i think we are both to blame.

I know right now you're hurting,
And deep inside you feel empty.
You feel like no one cares.

But I want you to know,
That no matter what,
My love for you
Will always be there.