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How I Fell For You

by Analiese

I saw you on the soccer team
You knew just what to do
You were very athletic, I could tell
I had a crush on you

I saw you take a glance at me
It made me very sad
To know the glance was nothing to you
I still wanted you real bad

You'd kick the ball right through my legs
My secrets, it seemed you knew
All it was, was simple teasing
But I fell in love with you

The most popular girl in all 10th grade
Was your date to the Homecoming Dance
And the sad little 8th grader, known as me
Figured out she had no chance

But still my love stayed pure as pure
And still my love stayed strong
You went alone to the dance, I heard
Something must have went wrong

Its funny how I was the last to know
The last one to figure it out
They'd told me you had some feelings for me
Yet I was still in doubt

Falling in love with a celebrity
Is like falling in love with you
It's so great to dream up these kinds of things
But you know they will never come true

You stand right here in front of me
And there's something that I lack
Not the feelings of me loving you
Just the fact you love me back.

I love you-A.R.