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Dying Shadows Dance (580)

by NinjaGirl

Dying Shadows Dance

Silently falling asleep
To the sound of
My own voice,
The room is dimly lit
And there are visions
Of you in my mind...

There is a hushed warmth
But also
Bitter cold,
Dying shadows dance
Softly upon my wall
Like puppets....

And the shivers,
They run down my spine
In whispers of a
Noiseless ghost,
I see illusions
Of painted bears
And silk wings,
Autumn leaves
And prancing things...

Unicorns dance softly
Through my dreams
A ballerina figure
Capers across
As but a memory...

The room is old
And dimly lit
I know this place
I recognise this...

Dancing bears
And paper hearts
Float away,
Tearing apart...

Illusions and dreams
Never end
Eternal sleep
To the flickering candle
And dying shadows dance
Upon my walls
To the sound of my
Quietly fading
Filled with longing
For your touch...

Wishes for one last
Final breath
Before the fall
And sudden death...

Dragging to lowest depths
A hooded memory
Of your voice
And the dancing figures,
They know the truth...

They recognise my longing
As love...

And I fall into
Eternal sleep,
I am but a mist
In the air,
Dancing with
These dying shadows...

~Dedicated to Daimon~