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I Forgive You

by David Munoz

They may call me crazy
They may think I'm insane
How could I forgive you
For causing me all this pain

You Knew that I loved you
You Knew that I cared
Maybe thats the reason
Maybe you're just scared

Maybe I pushed to hard
Maybe we went to fast
Maybe thats the reason
That our love didn't last

Or maybe it wasn't me
Maybe it was just your game
Just playing with my heart
Causing me worlds of pain

But there's something thats not a maybe
Something that I know is true
Its something that I owe you
And its a Big "Thank You"

Thank You for giving me Happiness
Thank You for giving me Love
Thank You for being my Angel
The one God sent from Above

Thank You for showing me Life
Thank You for opening my Eyes
Thank You for supporting Me
Thank You for staying by my Side

And all of these things
They all come from you
So Angel, Thanks...
And I Forgive You