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Already Missing You

by Michelle

It's been one of those days today
Totally caught up in missing you
Thinking of the time we'll part
And feeling down and blue
I don't know why I do this
You've not even arrived just yet
But the time that you must depart
Is something I'd just as soon forget
I've envisioned it all in my mind
And it never fails to bring me tears
I'm trying hard to remember
That afterward we'll have so many years...
But I simply can't fathom
Having you briefly and then letting go
Can you even grasp, my baby
How much I'll miss you so?
I'll be standing at that station
And holding on to you so tight
When it comes time to free myself
It will be such a difficult fight...
I'll want to go with you
Or at least somehow keep you there
I'll pray to God before hand
To help me through, in prayer...
As you finally pull away
There will be tears running down my cheek
Then I'll move my hands away
Hoping for one last peek...
How I'll get back home again
I can't envision, I'll be in a daze
After so many joyful moments
Of having you within my gaze...
The drive will be so sad
Consumed with thoughts of us
But for now I'll suppress it
Really try not to fuss...
Because we have it all to look forward to
You're not yet here, so not yet gone
And when it comes to our whole life together
It really won't be that long...
And you'll be in my arms forever
Where you were meant to be
And eternally from now
It will only ever be you and me.