Read Love Poems


by Mercedes

If I told you that I liked you
Would you change?

And if I wanted to be with you
Would you start acting strange?

Or maybe you would be cool
And still act like you

Still walk with me and talk to me
Like you always do

If I wanted to be your girl
Would you be scared?

Would you turn your back on me
And act like you ain't care?

Or would you be the nice guy
And give me a shot

Because you like my personality
Not because I'm hot

If I made a move on you
Would you be shy?

Would you be modest if I liked you
And ask me why?

If I told you all of this
Would you freak out?

Would you think I lost sight
Of what a friend is about?

Would you feel uncomfortable
Or would you be mad

Would you feel violated
I broke the friendship we had?

Or would you do a 360
And agree

And confess that all this time
You wanted to be with me?