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The Cliche of Love

by BitterXSweetness

I'm not so good at writing love poems
But here I go
Trying to show my emotions for you,
My love that I'm trying to show

So suddenly everything changed
that day I met you
Not knowing what will happen
Not knowing what we would do

Now I think of you each morning
And dream of you every night
Even though things are hard for us
I know in my heart that this is right

You are my future
and I'll never turn back
I'll walk forever with you
Though we're constantly being attacked

Never have I fallen
But I am on my way
Your holding part of me
That I never thought I would give away

In a way you saved me
from giving up on love
But now that we found each other
I know that this came from above

So please I'm asking
Don't break my heart
As I give you a little more
But I promise you, this is only the start