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You have given my heart wings.

by Christina Hobbs

I have given you my heart,
Keep it safe in your hands.
Once it was broken,
But with you it has began to mend.

I have shown you a side,
that only one other has seen.
So whenever I say I love you,
That is truly what I mean.

So take my heart,
And give me yours.
Together we can make it threw,
This dangerous little world.

With him it felt like a ball and chain.
But with you,
It feels like my feathers have grown back in,
And I can fly again.

No one can effect this feeling I have for you,
So stay true to me,
And I will be to you two.

So hugs and kisses,
X's and O's ,
Until I write again,
I want you to know.

Take my heart and keep it safe.
If it breaks again,
I don't know how long it will take.

.. For me to love again.

To: Jordan